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Welcome to St JohnFruit and Gift Basket ServiceDeanna Somerville

Good day, my name is Deanna. My “Welcome to St. John” fruit basket brings fresh TROPICAL fruits such as mango, pineapple, banana, lime, coconut and spices packed in a cheerful seagrass basket. Then arranged with local flowers, leaves and hand made decorations. It is only available on St. John and personally delivered in an 4WD, A/C equipped island car to your location. Prices from $75. Contact at

Along with the “Welcome to St. John!” fruit basket I bring maps, guide books and a friendly introduction to Love City. This gift is presented with my honest assistance and knowledgeable advice for guest.

A St John Welcome Gift Basket

A reusable sea grass basket

Being a local resident I am able to source a variety of local favorites; mango, pineapple, bananas, limes and seasonal tastes like genips, tamarinds, guava, papaya, carambola or avocado. The fruits included will always represent the best produce available. I assemble each basket with care, with individually created hand drawn art and greetings on the reusable basket tote. I’ve studied the use of local plants and offer them as teas and treatments for common issues. I also like to use the leaves and flowers of my own garden to garnish the gifts with a very special look and scent not found commercially. Presenting the tropical contents of the fruit basket adds a personal dimension to your gift, making it fragrant, tasty and informative.

To demonstrate the art of Palm Weaving I will make a freshly woven “Bird of Paradise” for your basket. I use the native plant, Strangler Fig aka “autograph leaf” here presented as a hand engraved fresh gift tag and long lasting memory maker.

Accessory packages featuring commonly needed items for your vacation interests may be added to your “Welcome to St. John!” Tropical Fruit Basket. Email for details about add-on package contents like “rum punch” “eco-friendly”, “beach ready”, “smokers friends”, “love city” and other customized needs.

As a happily retired Park Ranger I am uniquely qualified to Welcome You to St. John. My National Park career was designed to introduce the visiting public to the resources, beauty, culture, and wonder of Virgin Islands National Park. Through guided walks, talks and snorkel trips I shared the flora, fauna, history, and science of this special island with thousands of St. John visitors. I wish to open up an authentic experience for my guests. It’s my pleasure to spend a bit of time with new to the island adventurers and regular visitors to share experiences and observations of island life.

I’m a lifelong crafter and have been fortunate to learn many local crafts at the hands of senior culture bearers of the Virgin Islands. I’ve adapted stateside materials and locally sourced materials with my generic crafting skills to create works inspired by the beauty that surrounds me.

Castaway Crafts combines my island inspired craft gifts, my Moko Jumbie pendants, made of beads and sea side hand selected shells. A more recent passion is creating abstract paintings with acrylic paint pouring. Stay in touch if you are interested in a seminar painting event next winter.

The by-product of this paint style are often excess paint “happy” accidents that I recycle as gift and info cards.

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Please send an email inquiry from the page of each vacation home of interest. Our homes are owned or run by a number of individuals and management companies and they all do their own booking. The email link on each home’s page will get you directly to the person who can help! We at do not do bookings.